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Before and After: 9 totally amazing mobile home makeovers manufactured housing has always been an affordable alternative to site-built homes. Older models especially can be scooped up at a.Contemporary manufactured homes have made many gains on old fashioned mobile or trailer homes. However, if a manufactured house is to be resold, it has a substantially limited market. regular houses are more expensive to purchase than manufactured homes, but they also gain in value over time.4) modular homes are built to a local or state building code, while manufactured homes are built to a federally preemptive building standard. 5) Manufactured homes cost about half what conventional housing does, while the savings on a modular home vs. conventional building isn’t as great, but is still significant and depends on the market.However, mobile home and manufactured homes are not one in the same. If you’re in the market for a mobile home or manufactured home (includes modular homes), it is important to understand how to two differ in terms of structure and your options for financing.Manufactured Homes vs Modular homes comparison. manufactured homes are mobile homes or trailers. They can be more easily transported as-is to a new location should the owner wish to move. Modular homes are constructed in factories and then transported in parts (or modules) to the building site.Manufactured/Modular Hybrid homes are also known as "on-frame" modular homes. These are typically built by manufactured home companies’ when they build to the minimum local and state codes so that they can market their homes as modular. They are not true manufactured homes, nor true modular homes.TOPIC: Mobile and Manufactured Homes Page 3 of 13 Last Revised 5/4/02 Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 25-9-102 (53): "Manufactured home" means a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which, in the traveling mode, is eight body feet or more in width or 40 body feet or more in length,ATTLEBORO – A group of residents at Sandcastle Adult Community in South Attleboro are circulating a petition to have the city adopt rent control at mobile home parks. The residents said this week they.

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